The JMAOptic-system expands the proven and especially practical zebris JMA-systems with latest-generation optical sensor technology, and thus opens up new dimensions of func- tional dentistry. The Analyser consists of a handy stand-alone face bow with a lower jaw sensor and – in addition to condylar movement – is capable of recording the lower jaw’s range of motion over all degrees of freedom with high precision. Its uses cover a wide range of applications, from creating functional dental restorations to planning, documentation and monitoring of the stomatognathic rehabilitation.

The system can be operated optionally over a USB interface or completely cordlessly over Wi-Fi. The face bow fastens easily with a few simple adjustments of the nasion support, headband and support pads on the spring-mounted side arms. Via the C-bow positioner with pointer a head- related reference plane can be entered. For secure and convenient storage of the in- strument components, the system can be optionally extended with a table stand which simultaneously serves as an inductive charging station. The extremely small and lightweight lower jaw sensor fastens magnetically onto paraocclusal or occlusal attachments and is attached to the lower teeth.

Real patient data or settings of virtual articulators can be transferred to external CAD systems by exporting in standardised XML format.

The system is thus an integral component in the digital workflow for creating functional dental prostheses.

A patented bite fork establishes the exact relationship between the movement data in the measuring system and the surfaces of the teeth scanned by the model or intraoral scanner. The bite fork is part of the new zebris transfer stand and allows easy transfer of the maxillary position to mechanical articulators. Use of a mechanical face bow thus becomes superfluous.

The modular and intuitive analytical software WINJAW+ includes a database, the basic module for determining settings for mechanical and virtual articulators, and an export function. Expansion modules are optionally available for digital occlusion analyses, for functional analyses, positional analyses of the condyles, determinaton of a neuromuscular jaw relation and for programming the CEREC articulator.

The system is operated via PC and can be conveniently stowed and transported in the included case.

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